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1)    Extend the LUN from storage array (If you HP EVA, locate the LUN, extend it and finally save the changes). And you need wait a few seconds here (to allow the changes to be identified by the OS) before you proceed with the next step.

2)    Identify the underlying SCSI devices (use multipath -ll to see the underlying devices) and rescan the SCSI devices

[root@zenhat ~]# echo 1 > /sys/block/sds/device/rescan
[root@zenhat ~]# echo 1 > /sys/block/sdr/device/rescan

3)    Drop and add each device path from multipath(no problem, multipath will correctly failover the paths) and resize the related multipath map ( OR reloading the multipathd will do the same job sometimes)

[root@zenhat ~]# multipathd -k
multipathd> del path sds
multipathd> add path sds
multipathd> del path sdr
multipathd> add path sdr
multipathd> resize map dm-23