Jaunty on T61

Posted: August 11, 2009 in FOSS, How-to, Life

Yes, It was a hard decision!

It took a very long time to move from Fedora. The main reason why I sticked with Fedora was to align with my RHEL and CentOS servers. But finally I realized the need of a “desktop”. So I decided to go ahead with Ubuntu 9.04 on my Lenovo T61.

Before the installation I read this excellent ThinkWiki article.

Here’s the result.


Video – nVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M; OK

Sound; OK

Wireless NIC – Intel; OK

Wired NIC – Intel 1GbE; OK

Bluetooth; OK

Keyboard Shortcuts; Almost OK, even ThinkVantage button! ( except the Atl+F8, Alt+F9, Alt+F12 and Alt+Space bar). To solve Alt+F8 ( Touch-pad on/off) here’s the fix.

Fingure-print; This ThinkWiki solution was helpful to fix the  problem of getting the finger-print reader hot. I had “USB Not Found”, “USB Timeout” and “Reading Error” errors when I was trying to tf-tool –acquire && tf-tool –verify. But after very patient retries, I figured out that swiping a finger “tip” was the trick. If you’ve any problems creating the .bir file, just give a try by swipping a finger “tip” rather than the whole thumb.


Oracle – 11gR1; Here’s the doc. If $DISPLAY environment variable not working, please run xhost local:oracle as privileged user to open ACL for the oracle user to access X and then export DISPLAY=0:0 for the user, oracle.

PL/SQL Developer – v7.1.4; On Wine it’s works pretty muck OK. I un-zipped Oracle basic instant client under ~/.wine/drive_c and specify the oci.dll path on PL/SQL Developer. And created a directory for TNS_ADMIN enviroment variable and set the variable from regedit. Finally created a valid tnsnames.ora at $TNS_ADMIN location. Basically these routings worked well and I could login to a db without any issue. But the images on the tool-bar are not displayed. I haven’t tested all the fuctionalities yet.

Citrix ICA Client – v11; OK, Please read the official doc and install pre-requisists before the installation.

Skype – v2.0; OK

VMware Workstation – v6.5.2; OK

It took whole 2-days to come up with a satisfied desktop.
And finally, thanks to the Internet and community works, the mission was successfully completed!


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